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Color Sergeant
Lau Sing Kee,   USA
Saratoga, California
Enlisted - 1917
Wounded In Action
Lost At Sea
Deceased - 1967
Buried at
Arlington National Cemetery, VA
Military Service
World War I (1917-1918)
  • World War I American Expeditionary Force
    • Battle of Château-Thierry, France
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Story of Service
Lau Sing Kee
World War I Hero and Highest Decorated Enlisted Man from San Jose

 By Guy Takamatsu

This writer learned of Lau Sing Kee on a visit to the Chinese Museum located at History Park, a subsection of Kelley Park in San Jose. His medals are on the display, courtesy on loan of his relatives. He won the Distinguished Service Cross and the Purple Heart from the United States and the Croix de Guerre from France. Lau Sing Kee was born in Saratoga, his family moved to San Jose. He died in New York City.

Sgt. Lau Sing Kee is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Here is a link to his grave marker in Arlington.

He received his medals for staying 3 days straight at a message center. In spite of his position being shelled and gassed, he refused to leave his post. At one point he was by himself for 24 hours. One wonders how he managed to survive and live until 1967. Others who had been gassed died shortly thereafter in about two years. After the war he received a hero’s welcome in San Jose.

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